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Alyssum obovatum (C.A. Mey.) Turcz.

6 photos.
The "American madwort" or American alyssum" is the only one of the 17 U.S. species of the genus Alyssum
found in Alaska.

ITIS Taxonomic Serial No. 182001

1.  Late May.  Cluster of plants growing on decomposed granite.








2.  Mid-May.  Terminal head with flowers
and buds.

3. Mid-May.  A photo of the entire exposed
plant in 2.

4 .  Mid-May  Entire plant showing long

5.  Late May.  A group of plants in full
bloom with the "American thorough-wax",
Bupleurum americanum, in the background.

6.  Mid-June.  Developing seed pods.

7.   May 20, 2009.   A cluster of plants.

All Photos taken on the Ketchem Rocks.
A series of granite tors located
six miles south of Central, Alaska.
65°  29.1' N,  144° 45.2' W
Elev. 1300 ft.