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Amsinckia lycopsoides Lehm.

8 photos.
An introduced weed with hairy stems, leaves and sepals.  It is known as the "tarweed fiddleneck"
or "bugloss fiddleneck".   The species favors waste areas.

ITIS Taxonomic Serial No. 31710








1.   June 6, 2009.   Several plants whoing
the tall stems.

2.   June 11, 2009.   Close-up of a terminal

3.   June 6, 2009.   A cluster of blossoms
and opening buds.

4.   June 6, 2009.   A closer view of the
cluster in photo 3 from a different angle.

5.   June 22, 2009.   A side view of a
terminal cluster showing the shape which
gives the species its common name.

6.   June 6, 2009.   Another terminal cluster.
Some of the blossoms have withered.

7.   June 22, 2009.   A stem with seeded blossoms.

8.  June 1, 2009.  Top view of blossoms with
a visitor.

All photos taken at Circle Hot Springs
65°  28.96' N,  144° 38.32' W
Elev. 900 ft.