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Betula glandulosa Michx.

24 photos.
This is the "resin birch", "shrub birch" or "dwarf birch".  It is similar to the "dwarf birch",
Betula nana and in the past his been considered a subspecies of nanaGlandulosa hybridizes
with nana where the ranges overlap and many (maybe all) of the photos below are of hybrids.

ITIS Taxonomic Serial No. 19485








1.  Late May.  Shrub with expanding
male catkins and leaves which are just
emerging from buds.

2.  Late May.  Two male catkins on a
branch with fully opened leaves.
Note the variation in leaf shape.

3.  Late May.  Colorful expanded
male catkins with developing
leaves.  Note the resin on the twigs
which gives rise to the common
name, "resin birch".

4.  Late May.  Large male catkins
and smaller female catkins on
highly resinous twigs.

5.  Late May.  Another view of male
and female catkins

6.  Early June.  Male catkins with typical
rounded leaves.

7.  Early June.  Shrub fully leaved-out.
There are female catkins, bottom center,
which are now as large as the male catkins.

8.  Early June.  Ground birch on a
wind-swept ridge.  Both glandulosa and nana
hug the ground in windy areas.

9.  Mid-June.  Very young plant in same
area as the plant in photo 8.

10.  Early July.  Young plant in
sheltered area. Inset is a different view
of the large leaf on the stem.

11.  Early June.  Leaves from the four
species of birch in our area.

12.  Late June.  Ends of branches from
the four species of birch.

13.  Late August.  Glandulosa right and
a young neoalaskana left.  Neoalaskanas
often have dark bark when young.

14.  Late August.  Typical round leaves just
beginning to turn color.

15.  Late August.  Turning glandulosa
leaves with a sprig of nana leaves inserted
at upper left and a background of
nana leaves.

16.  Late August.  Twig with four leaves
and a terminal leaf bud. 
Note leaf variation.

17.  Late August.  Glandulosa leaves in which
red color only partially developed.

18.  Late August.  Glandulosa in the background
and nana in the foreground.

19.  Early September.  Betula occidentalis on
the left and glandulosa on the right.

20.  Early September.  Deep crimson leaves.

21.  Mid-September a pointed glandulosa
leaf (underside).  Most of the leaves on
the tree were round.

22.  May 24, 2012.  Spring photo of
a young bush with reddish-brown bark.

23.  May 24, 2012.  Close-up of the bark in
photo 22.

24.  August 24, 2012.  Close-up of the bark of
the tree on the right in photo 19.


Photos 19 and 24 taken at 8.1 mile
Portage Creek road.
65° 25.76' N, 144° 46.71' W
Elev. 2200 ft.

Photos 23 and 24 taken on Portage
65° 25.77' N, 144° 44.32' W
Elev. 2600 ft.