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Packera cymbalaria (Pursh) W.A. Weber & A. Löve

5 photos.
Known as the "dwarf arctic ragwort" or "dwarf arctic butterweed", this species is found above treeline
in tundra among heathers, mosses, lichens and "mountain avens".

ITIS Taxonomic Serial No. 565351

1.  July 9, 2006.  A bedraggled blossom and a bud.  This species
favors windy areas and is usually missing a few ligules.








2.  July 9, 2006.  Top view of blossom
in photo 1

3.  July 9, 2006.  Close-up of the bud in
photo 1.

4.  July 9, 2006.  Good view of bracts.

5.   July 9, 2006.  Roots and basal leaves.

6.  A view of the blossom at two stages.
The blossom often loses the ligules as
the disc flowers mature.  This photo was
taken somewhere near Eagle summit in
mid-july 1998.

Photos 1-5 taken on a hillside
500 ft from the Pinnell Mountain trail
near milepost 2.
65° 29.8' N,  145°  28.1' W
Elevation 4000 ft.