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Erigeron purpuratus Greene

7 photos.
The "purple fleabane" or "arctic fleabane", an aleuvial species, is found on gravel bars.  The photos below were
taken in creek beds which had been mined.  A similar species, Erigeron denalii, is found on scree slopes.

ITIS Taxonomic Serial No. 35938

1.  All photos taken in early July.  This plant has blossoms at various stages
of development.  Not all blossoms in full bloom are white. See 3 below.








2.  Plant in bud stage.

3.  One blossom in full bloom and
several others in various stages of
seed production

4.  Entire plant.

5.  Plant, mainly in seed but with
some buds and open blossoms.

6.  Close-up of plant in 5.

7.  Better view of seeds.

Photos 1 and 5-7 taken on Mastodon
creek just below Forty-two gulch.
65°  27.0' N,   145°  18.7' W
Elev. 2750 ft.

Photos 2-4 taken on Eagle creek
just below confluence of Mastodon
fork and Miller fork.
65° 27.092' N,   145°  25.552' W
Elev. 2700 ft.