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Erigeron caespitosus Nutt.

5 photos.
Known as the "tufted fleabane" the photos below match the description given by Hultén.
A color meter shows that even those blossoms which appear to be white have a blue

ITIS Taxonomic Serial No. 35833

1. Mid-June.  A cluster of plants growing on otherwise barren decomposing granite.








2.  Mid-June. The blue cast to this
blossom is seen occasionally.  Usually,
however, the ligules are white.



3.Mid-June.  Close-up of blossoms

4.  Mid-June.  The spatulate and linear leaves
seen here are typical of the Alaskan plant.
Southern plants have broader leaves.

5.  Mid-June.  Blossom with blue-cyan
ligules. This may be due to th

Photographed on the Ketchem Rocks.
A series of granite tors located
six miles south of Central, Alaska.
65°  29.1' N,  144°  45.2' W
Elev. 1300 ft.