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Crepis elegans Hook.

13 photos.
The "elegant hawksbeard" is found on gravel bars and disturbed sites.  The
population of this species has increased dramatically in the last few years,
while the population of the "dwarf hawksbeard", Crepis nana, has declined.

ITIS Taxonomic Serial No. 37183

1.  Early July.  Plant growing on decomposed granite scree.








2.  Top view of same plant.

3.  Late May.  Sprouting plants.

4.  Late May.  Other plants, farther along in

5.  Late June.  Note the red stems and leaves.

6. Early July.  Rather sparse vegetation.  Again,
red stems and leaves.

7.  Close-up of left blossom on plant in 6.

8.  Late June.  Another blossom.

9.  Early July.  Entire plant.

10.  Early July.  Taproot and caudex.

11. Mid-July.  Overflow channel littered with
blooming plants.

12.  Late September.  Seeded out and dead.

13.  Early October.  Seeded out, dead and