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Arnica angustifolia ssp. angustifolia Vahl
26 photos.
This is the "narrowleaf arnica".  Hulten lists two subspecies (angustifolia and attenuata) of Arnica
as being present in this area.  Attenuata is distinguished by having multiple flowers. Both subspecies
have been reclassified as Arnica angustifolia, ssp angustifolia.   The photos below show plants with leaves that are
narrow and also plants with broader leaves.  The broad-leaved plants have multiple blossoms as do some
of the narrow-leaved plants so I assume they are plants which were formerly classified as A.alpina ssp attenuata
and are therefore A. angustifolia.  ITIS indicates that a species A. alpina (TSN 36556) is present in Alaska.
The Global Biodiversity Information Facility has information showing that Arnica alpina (L.) Olin is present
in this area, however these specimens may be A. angustifolia.  FNA does not list A. alpina.

ITIS Taxonomic Serial No .184928

1. Early June. Blossoms from two adjacent multi-headed plants.









2.  Early June.  A group of narrow-leaved plants.

3.  Late May.  Budding narrow-leaved plant.


4.  Late May.  Budding narrow-leaved plant.


5.  Late May.
Narrow-leaved plant.


6.  Early June.  Narrow-leaved single-headed
plant in full bloom


7.  Early June.
Close-up of plant in photo 6.


8.  Early June.  inverted head showing the calyx.
The red at the sepal tips will fade with age.


9.  Early June.  Narrow-leaved multiflowered
plants.  The lower heads bloom later.


10.  Early June.  A narrow-leaved multiflowered
plant with very narrow leaves.


11.  Early June.  A narrow-leaved multiflowered


12.  Early June.  A cluster of narrow-leaved
multiflowered plants.


13.  Mid-June.  A cluster of broad-leaved
multiflowered plants


14.  Mid-June. 


15.  Late June. 


16.  Mid-June.  Two plants showing variation
in the leaf shape.  Even within both individual
plants there is leaf variation.

17.  Mid-June. narrow- and broad-leaved
multiflowered plants


18.  Mid-June. Leaves from plants in photo 17.


19.  Early June.  An insect visitor.


20.  Mid-July  Another visitor


21.  Late June.  The ray flowers have dropped off.


22.  Late June.  Seeding plant.


23.  Late June.  Seedhead with the pappi fully developed.

24.  May 15, 2009.  Sprouting plant.

25.  May 15, 2009.  Hairy sprouting plants

26.  June 13, 2009.  Probably two plants.