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Sium suave Walter
4 photos.
The "water parsnip" or "hemlock water-parsnip" is often found growing in flowing water.  This plant,
photographed in early July, was found in water flowing into a bog from a small lake.
This plant deviates from Hulten's description of of Sium suave in lacking the bracts on the main
umbel although the umblets have bractlets.  Also most of the leaves are not toothed although
some at the middle right of photo 2 are toothed.

ITIS Taxonomic Serial No. 29558









1.  July 2, 2008.  Entire plant

2.  July 2, 2008.  Umbel in bud.

3.  July 2, 2008.  Umbel in early bloom, red
will fade.

4.  July 2, 2008.  Roots and lower ridged stalks.