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Tofieldia pusilla (Michx.) Pers.

5 photos.
A small single-scaped, alpine plant known as the "Scotch false asphodel".

ITIS Taxonomic Serial No. 43052









1.  June 10, 2007. Blooming plants with
elongated scapes.  Tofieldia coccinea in

2.  June 10, 2007. Upper portion of 2
blooming scapes.  Note the bract on the
right scape

3.  June 12, 2007.  Upper scape with terminal
inflorescence just beginning to bloom.

4.  June 25, 2007.  Basal leaves and lower
scapes of several plants

5.  June 25, 2007.  Upper scapes of several
plants in late bloom.

All photos taken in the ditch on
the Central side of Eagle Summit.
65° 30.34' N, 145° 22.74' W
Elev. 3550 ft.