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Galearis rotundifolia (Banks ex Pursh) R.M. Bateman
Platanthera rotundifolia (Banks ex Pursh) Lindl
Amerorchis rotundifolia (Banks ex Pursh) Hultén
12 photos.
Previously known as known as the "Round-leaved Orchis". Found in a tussock bog
adjacent to a thaw lake. The Catalogue of Life: 2008 Annual Checklist changed the scientific
name of the species from
Amerorchis rotundifolia (Banks ex Pursh) Hultén to Platanthera
(Banks ex Pursh) Lindl.  However, the species under either name has disappeared
from the Catalogue of Life: 3rd February 2012 edition.  ITIS had the species listed as
A. rotundifolia
however the synonym P. rotundifolia was not listed.  ITIS now lists it as
Galearis rotundifolia.  Apparently P. rotundifolia did not exist.

ITIS Taxonomic Serial No. 894780

1.  June 15, 2009.  Top view of a pair of blossoms.









2.  July 3, 2008.  Plant with a good view of
the single leaf..

3.  June 15, 2009.  Stipe in bud.  Note the
bracts and the spurs on the buds.

4.  June 15, 2009.  Upper stipe with buds
and blossoms.  Spurs have not yet developed
on the buds..

5.  July 3, 2008.  Another stipe with
four blossoms.

6.  June 15, 2009.  Close-up of the
upper part of another stipe.

7.  July 3, 2008.  Another top view.

8.  June 15, 2009.  Close-up view of two
blossoms near the middle of a stipe.

9.  June 15, 2009.  Top view of a stipe.

10.  June 15, 2009.  Entire plant.

11.  June 15, 2009.  Upper scape of plant in
photo 10.

12.  June 15, 2009.  Even closer view of the
upper scape.  Note the spurs on the buds
and the blossoms.

All Photos taken in a bog next to a thaw
lake south of 134 mile Steese
65° 35.60' N, 144° 36.80' W
Elev. 900 ft.