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Lemna minor L.

3 photos.
A small, common, free-floating aquatic plant known as the "lesser duckweed", "common duckweed" or
"small duckweed".

ITIS Taxonomic Serial No. 42590

1.  June 27, 2010.  Close-up of a large group of plants.








2.  July 2, 2008.  Ducks adjacent to and
swimming among plants which have been
blown to the edge of the lake.

3. July 2, 2008.  Plants trapped by a fallen
log at the inlet of a lake.  The plants beyond
the log have been blown to the far end of
the lake.

Photo 1 taken on the lake northeast
of the small Birch Creek pingo.
Latitude: N 65° 42' 26.550
Longitude: W 144° 23' 48.045
Altitude: 216.43 m

Photo 2 taken northwest of the large
Birch Creek pingo.
65°  42.32' N,   144°  23.80' W
Elev. 700 ft.

Photo 3 taken at the northwest arm
of the lake north of the small Birch
Creek pingo.
65°  42.53' N,   144°  24.12' W
Elev. 700 ft.