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Lycoperdon perlatum Pers.

10 photos.
A small species known as the "common puffball", "gemmed puffball", "warted puffball"
or "devil's snuff-box".

1.  August 16, 2006.  A cluster of five puffballs.








2.  August 16, 2006.  A single puffball with
coin for comparison.

3.  August 16, 2006.  Puffball in photo 2
removed from soil.

4.  August 16, 2006.  Coin next to a group
of puffballs.  Note the splits in some of  the

5.  August 16, 2006.  Puffballs, some of
which have blackened

6.  August 6, 2006.  Clusters of stunted
puffballs which are darker than usual.

7.  August 6, 2006.  Stunted puffballs some
showing signs of deterioration.

8.  August 17, 2006.  A cluster of puffballs
which have darkened with age.  Note the
center of some of the balls.

9.  August 16, 2006.  A cluster of puffballs
which have discharged their spores

10.  October 10, 2006.  Puffball which has
begun to disintegrate after discharge.

All photos taken near the
granite tors along Bottom Dollar Creek
above the confluence with Half Dollar Creek.
65°  25.23' N,   144°  48.43' W
Elev. 1900 ft.