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Leccinum aurantiacum (Bull.) Gray

1 photos.
A common species known as the "red-capped scaber stalk", "red-cap Boletus" and "orange birch bolita" it
is found in mycorrhizal association with Populus (aspen), Betula (birch), and Salix (willow)
as well as beech and oak. This species has pores rather than gills.









1.  August 16, 2006.  Roadside specimen in
profile view.  Note the "scabs" on the stalk
which give rise to one of the common names.

2.  August 16, 2006.  Top view of the specimen
in photo 1.

3.  August 16, 2006.  Profile view of the
specimen in photo 1 after removal from the
decomposed granite.

4.  August 16, 2006.  Low-angle view of
the specimen in photos 1-3 showing the

5.  August 17, 2006.  Another detached
specimen taken to show the pores.

All photos taken at 9.5 mile
Portage Creek Road.
65°  25.192' N   144°  48.197
Elev. 1900 ft.