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Sarcoscypha species

1 photos.
The following three species are macroscopically identical
 Sarcoscypha austriaca (O. Beck ex Sacc.) Boud. (scarlet elfcup),
Sarcoscypha coccinea (Scop.) Lambotte (scarlet elf cup, ruby elfcup or scarlet cup)
Sarcoscypha dudleyi (Peck) Baral (crimson cup or scarlet cup)

1.  August 25, 2006.  Several cups probably growing on twigs
buried in the soil.








2.  August 25, 2006.  Several cups infected by
creeping crud which is also devouring
an adjacent twig.

3.  August 25, 2006.  Top view of a single

4.  August 25, 2006.  Profile view of another

5.  August?, 2002.  Several cups, one with
an obvious stem.

6.  July 7, 2006.  Two cups with unusually
hairy margins.

7.  July 21, 2009.  Another pair of cups

8.  July 21, 2009.  Profile view of another cup.

9.  August 8 ,2007.  A species of Coprinus
amid numerous cups

10.  August 8 ,2007.  Another view of many
of the cups in photo 9.