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Peltigera leucophlebia (Nyl.) Gyeln.

4 photos.
A foliose lichen known as the "ruffled freckle pelt"

ITIS Taxonomic Serial No. 191237

1.  August 16, 2013.  A cluster of thalli some with with light undersides which help
distinguish this species from P. aphthosa.









2.  August 16, 2013.  closer view of the cluster
in photo 1.

3.  August 16, 2013.  Thallus with brown apothecia
and smaller convex dark-grey cephaloidia.  The
cephaloidia contain cyanobacteria as a sybiant while
the body of the thallus contains a green algae.

4.  August 16, 2013.  Lower side of the thallus
in photo 3 showing the white surface with
dark veins and rhizines

All photos taken near upper Half Dollar
65° 25.51' N, 144° 46.60' W
Elev. 2000 ft.